Aeris is my wife.
My interests include games, code, anime, in-line skates, compsci, operating systems, cats, writing, net/comp security, music, coffee, light novels, manga, studying, meditation, and the concept of consciousness. Decently proficient in Japanese.

I like virtual worlds, and the human to human interactions that happen within them. Games are mainly compelling to me when they have a lot of mechanical nuance, emergent interactions, and meticulous design. I probably like game design more than I like playing games.

For tech, I enjoy the software architecting process, but I’m an infrastructure engineer by trade. In the current tech landscape, it’s important to focus on humanetech principles above all else. My current outlook on the industry is bleak, but I am clinging onto shreds of hope that we can make technology work for people over corporations.



Favorite games
I have played roughly 2100 games and beaten around a third of them. Below is a list of those games I personally rate 9.5 or higher. For the MMOs listed, there is a cutoff period where updates always eventually ruin the game, so I’ve included my [favorite era].

[1995/11/11] Romancing Sa・Ga 3 「ロマンシング サ・ガ3」 (SFC)【9.6】
[1998/07/10] Vantage Master V2 「ヴァンテージ・マスター V2」 (PC)【9.6】
[1998/12/18] StarCraft: BroodWar (PC)【9.6】
[2001/11/21] Super Smash Brothers Melee 「大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズDX」 (GCN)【10】
[2001/06/27] Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (PC)【9.6】 (*mostly played resurrected)
[2002/05/01] The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (PC)【9.5】
[2002/05/16] Final Fantasy XI 「ファイナルファンタジーXI」 (PC [RotZ])【9.5】
[2002/08/31] Ragnarok Online 「라그나로크 온라인」 (PC [ep12 pre-re])【10】
[2003/07/31] GUILTY GEAR XX #RELOAD (PS2) 【9.5】
[2004/01/22] Star Ocean 3 「スターオーシャン Till the End of Time」 (PS2)【9.8】
[2004/12/30] Touhou Suimusou ~ Immaterial and Missing Power 「東方萃夢想」 (PC)【9.6】
[2005/08/10] Dungeon & Fighter 「던전앤파이터」 (PC [70 cap])【9.5】
[2005/08/14] Touhou Kaeizuka ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View 「東方花映塚」 (PC)【9.6】
[2005/12/29] スグリ “suguri” a little war in brand-new earth. (PC)【9.5】
[2006/06/22] Valkyrie Profile 2 ―Silmeria― 「ヴァルキリープロファイル2 ―シルメリア―」 (PS2)【10】
[2006/10/26] Utawarerumono 「うたわれるもの」 (PC)【9.6】
[2007/08/17] HellSinker. (PC)【9.9】
[2007/08/31] Elona (PC)【9.5】
[2008/02/21] Sekaiju no Meikyuu II 「世界樹の迷宮II 」 (NDS)【9.7】
[2008/11/18] Left4Dead (PC)【9.6】
[2009/07/03] NEOTOKYO° (PC)【9.5】
[2010/04/23] Megami Ikusa VERITA 「戦女神VERITA」 (PC) 【9.5】
[2010/08/13] sora ―ソラ― (PC)【9.5】
[2011/09/22] DARK SOULS (PC)【9.5】
[2012/12/31] Tales of Maj’Eyal (PC)【9.8】
[2013/04/23] DRAGON’S DOGMA DARK ARISEN (PC/X360)【9.5】
[2015/07/14] Black Desert Online 「검은사막」 (PC [Q2 2018/Lahn])【9.6】
[2019/03/22] SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE (PC)【9.9】
[2020/03/26] One Step From Eden (PC)【9.7】
[2022/02/25] ELDEN RING (PC)【9.9】

Bonus: favorite galge/adventure games

[1996/12/26] この世の果てで恋を唄う少女YU-NO 「YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world.」 (PC-98)
[1999/06/04] Kanon 「カノン」 (PC)
[2000/09/08] AIR (PC)
[2000/12/29] 月姫 「Tsukihime」 (PC)
[2004/04/28] CLANNAD -クラナド- (PC)
[2004/12/28] ToHeart2 (PC)
[2005/08/01] narcissu (PC)
[2007/01/25] THE iDOLM@STER (X360)
[2009/09/03] Loveplus 「ラブプラス」 (DS)
[2009/10/15] STEINS;GATE (X360)
[2015/06/18] 永久のセニア「Eternal Senia」 (PC)
[2018/05/25] Detroit: Become Human (PC)
[2021/05/28] LOOPERS (PC)


I do not use Discord frequently, but ckx#1029