【Granblue】 Zeus Testing for Guild War - Warlock vs Berserk + Kuroneko, Kengou, Glory

2019-02-02   #granblue 

With light-favored ancient battlegrounds on the horizon, I’d like to go for the top 1,000 ranking as efficiently as possible. But it is unclear to me what the best light configuration is. So I will do some testing and calculations.

For these tests, I care about 3 jobs that standout as most viable: Warlock, Berserk, Kuronekodoushi, and Kengou. I only care about testing HELL guild war configurations.


【Granblue】 Light The・Glory Mainhand - Ridil vs Xeno Sword

2018-04-18   #granblue 

This post will compare Ridil (light) and Shin・Douten Joudo (xeno sword) as a The・Glory mainhand weapon.
I focus on Zeus grids but will also include some very brief information about magna sword.
The tool for comparison is motocal.

I did this calc for myself so conditions will reflect that. It is high-end light (but not top-end) with 3 edens and 1 ganbanteinn. Everyone already knows that if you have a bunch of eden and ganban then you just use xeno sword and ignore Ridil. But what about in the midtier Zeus grids?


[DramaCD TL] サニーデイライフ (Sunny Day Life)

2015-08-16   #translation  #まど☆マギ 

Even though I did this years ago, it was the most fun I’ve ever had translating anything, so I felt like posting it here.

Download here


RNG vs Guesswork

2015-08-15   #design 

“RNG is bad” is a sentiment that most competitive gamers seem to be unanimous on. But if all RNG is stripped from a game, it tends to feel dry and predictable. A lot of competitive games implement some small RNG into their design to spice things up a bit, e.g. Dota2 has damage ranges on normal attacks, and RNG-based abilities like Ogre Magi’s Multicast. Some people even complain that the fog of war makes the game too unpredictable. But I think there’s a big difference between something like multicast triggers and fog of war. This article aims to articulate that difference, and outline why “RNG” is bad for competition, but “guesswork” is very good.


Quest-based MMORPGs suck

2015-08-15   #mmorpg  #design 

MMORPGs were, for a long time, my favourite genre. The only thing more appealing than a good RPG, was a good RPG with the story swapped out for multiplayer greatness in an open world. Even today, I find it to be an intensely sweet concept. I was completely enamoured with games like Ragnarok Online (RO), Lineage II, Final Fantasy XI, Dark Age of Camelot, and Ultima Online. I identified myself as a heavy MMORPG player… sadly(?), that’s no longer the case.

It seems that one day, all MMORPG designers woke up, and collectively had the same thought – “WE NEED QUESTS!“



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